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the importance of blogging - quantity over quality

The Importance of Blogging | Quality Over Quantity

Experts use to recommend blogging as much as possible to improve your SEO rankings. But over time search engines have gotten smarter, and while frequency still plays an important factor, quality plays an equally important role.

So what is the importance of blogging anyway?

SEO Rankings

When you blog, you have the opportunity to optimize your blog post for a keyword phrase using up to date SEO techniques. This means that every time you blog, you increase your odds of being ranked at the top of a query. This results in an increase in potential clients visiting your website, and hopefully more conversions!

Why Quantity Matters: Every time you blog, you should be using a different keyword phrase. You might first use “Denver Wedding Photographer”, then “Denver Wedding Photography” and then “Colorado Wedding Photographer”. So the more times you blog, the more keyword phrases you have, and that means clients who search for those terms are more likely to find you. Also, search engines like to see you’re active and give active sites more rank weight. So by blogging, you’re essentially telling them “we’re open for business” and they like that.

Why Quality Matters: When using proper SEO techniques and writing quality content you are more likely to rank for the keyword phrases you optimize for. When you use a keyword phrase, you’re competing with everyone else who also used that keyword phrase. Search engines rank posts with quality content and proper search engine optimization higher. This can help you reach thousands, if not more, of potential clients. This is also a great opportunity to connect with those potential clients by showing them who you are as a brand, and standing out against the competition.

the importance of blogging

Social Media Engagement

Social Media is a popular channel in which your clients can connect with you. When you blog, you immediately have new material to share on social media. Every time someone clicks on a post, it’s an opportunity to WOW them. WOW’d clients are more likely to book you. Period.

Why Quantity Matters: Every time you post something on social media, it tells your clients “this is what I’ve been up to”. The more often you post, the busier you appear on the outside. This tells them what type of work you do, who you do it for and that you’re currently accepting clients. It also reminds them that you are a photographer, so that when they need a photographer, they will think of you.

Why Quality Matters: Posting a quality blog post about a recent client’s session on social media tells them that you loved their session, care about them as clients and that you want to tell the whole world about it. It also gives them the opportunity to show off their story with a back link directly to you. A client that says “WOW!” when they open up your post is more likely to share it with friends, family and anyone else who will take a peek. By posting it on social media, you’re making it easy for them to do so. But a blog post just thrown together and posted on social media is likely to make your client feel more like a number and less than enthusiastic about their experience with you.

Potential clients are also on social media and will be clicking on that link, and of course you want to WOW them too. If they come to your website and are impressed, they’re more likely to remember you when they need a photographer. But if they’re not impressed, they might not even bother opening up a blog post link again.

On top of all of that, there is a direct link between social media interaction and search engine rankings. The more clients click on your link from social media, like and comment, the higher your blog post SEO rankings will be.

Social Media Two


What it comes down to is, do you want more clients? If so, then consistent, quality blogging is one of the most important things you can do. By doing so you will improve your search engine rankings and step up your social media game. Both of these are effective ways of putting yourself in front of potential clients.

The Photographer’s Blogger understands the importance of blogging. This is why we offer quality, seo optimized blog posts that show off the best of your brand. Click here for more information!

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