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Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Blogging2

The Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Blogging | A Client’s Perspective

Kate Merrill is a talented Denver Wedding Photographer, but she’s also a smart business woman. She understands that in order to get ahead in a competitive market like Denver has, not only does she need to offer an amazing experience and breath taking photos, but she also needs to be smart about how she uses her very valuable time.

Kate has a husband, and two adorable pitbulls (who you should totally stalk on Instagram), who are her world. As you can imagine, spending time with them is her number one priority. But when you’re running a full time business, that can be a tough balance.

In order to keep the balance in her life, she has opted to outsource both her editing and her blogging. Now, not only does she have time to spend with her family, but she also has time for herself.

But don’t take my word for her, take hers:

The Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Blogging by Kate Merrill

“Oh my gosh, how do I describe the weight that has been lifted off my shoulders by The Photographer’s Blogger! I’ve been using them for a little while to ghost write my blog posts and I can’t believe how much time I’ve saved. Not to mention, my blog posts actually get posted instead of me procrastinating for weeks.

I had some concerns initially with hiring someone to blog for me. I was worried that my clients wouldn’t be able to “get” what I go for with my brand because I wasn’t writing the posts, and that my “voice” and personality would be gone from them. On the first count, the opposite was true! At the beginning of the process, I filled out a questionnaire that asked me all about my business, brand, philosophies, and even my favorite colors. Because of that, Photographer’s Blogger is even better than me at emphasizing my brand in my posts! It’s like they know how to say what has been in my head all the time, but that I’m not able to put into the right words.

They also totally get my voice and personality! I still fill out some details in a form for each blog post and somehow they magically manage to translate my one or two sentences written in my voice into a normal blog post that sounds great! And, it’s even SEO optimized too (but without that awful robotic text).

The turnaround time is wonderful, it’s super easy to submit posts, and the quality of the work is top notch. If you’ve been thinking about outsourcing your blogging at all, just do it already! I’ve been experiencing the same feeling as when I first outsourced my editing (i.e. FREEDOM), and I have so much more time to work on my business instead of just maintaining the day to day.

I didn’t realize how much time I spent dreading blogging, avoiding blogging, complaining about blogging to other photographers, and trying to think of what to say about the photo session or wedding. The next time you can’t think of what to write about… just come to these guys instead and have them do it!”

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